MWC Scholarship Fund and Application

The Scholarship Fund is the primary focus of our charity efforts throughout the year.  We have, over the years, been instrumental in bringing relief to deserving students of all ages in the Town of Moultonborough who wish to further their education and expand their horizons through the power of learning.

Scholarships are not only for Moultonborough Academy students but also for adults in Moultonborough who wish to begin or continue their education. 

The Chairperson is appointed by the President with input from Executive and Scholarship committees.  The annual term may be renewed on a yearly basis.  The Chairperson is responsible for coordinating fundraising activities for the Scholarship committee and executes and distributes the applications.  The Committee selects the recipients of scholarships.

Fund-raising expenses associated with a specific activity of the scholarship fund shall be paid from that activity with net profits returned to the scholarship fund.

Requirements for Scholarship

  1.  Applicant must be a resident of the Town of Moultonborough
  2.  Scholarship will be granted for the attendance at an accredited college or vocational school for at least a one-year term.  Attendance at special seminars or workshops pertaining to the applicant's field of study will be reviewed on an individual basis.
  3.  Application (below) MUST be delivered to the school's guidance counselor by April 15th.  Incomplete applications will not be considered.
  4.  The applicant must write a letter stating their needs, interests, awards, offices held, etc. in their school or community which they feel have contributed to their academic and personal development.
  5.  The applicant must attach a transcript of grades to the application and one or more references from a guidance counselor, teacher, principal and/or community member.
  6.  Payments of the scholarship award will be sent directly to the college.  Upon completion of the first semester or trimester, the scholarship recipient is required to send from the school's registrar a transcript of their grades showing a GPA of at least a 2.0 in order to receive their funds.  The request should be sent to the Scholarship Chairperson (address will be on the award letter) who will forward it to the Treasurer.
  7.  Scholarship awards will be given based on financial need.  But academic achievement, good character, and seriousness of purpose will be taken into consideration. 

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