The MWC joined the 4th of JULY PARADE in M'Boro

Jul 04, 2022

“It was GREAT!!! Lots of enthusiastic folks along the parade route from the high school all the way to Rec Center!” says Amy Corston, director of the Moultonborough Women’s Club who with Co-Pres Julie Osgood and Pam King waved to the crowds. A picture-perfect day to celebrate the anniversary of our country’s independence at this annual event. A special thanks to John Corston who drove the ladies in his 1934 Ford roadster.
SCHOLARSHIP BAKE SALE! Come join us at the Moultonborough Public Library’s Annual Book Sale on Saturday, JULY 9th beginning at 9am for the opportunity to purchase a few scrumptious delights! All proceeds go directly to the Scholarship Fund.

It’s yoga time