MWC Member News ~ Libby Reichlen, Wendy Monbouquette, Deb Kumpf & Lucy Kelly

Feb 27, 2024

Just in case you missed it, four Moultonborough Women’s Club members were recently photographed for an article posted in the Laconia Daily Sun as they were doing charitable works for the “Dress a Girl Around the World” initiative. This worthwhile organization is highlighted in the article and is worthy of a read. Applaud these women.
And they are not alone. So many of our members give and give, then give even more. They are shining examples of making the world a better place. They volunteer at historical societies, places of religious celebration, community outreach programs, political action groups, school functions, libraries, veterans organizations and rotary clubs. They donate food to help end food insecurity and raise funds to help end breast cancer. They create ornaments to bring cheer to the elderly and knit hats to keep their community neighbors warm. They devote countless hours of service by sitting on non-profit boards all while being devoted wives and mothers to their families at home. And they bake like crazy to raise funds for scholarships to make college more affordable for local students. MWC members are truly the unsung heros that walk among us.
MWC members are not the exception to the rule, but define the rule of, “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”
Should this caring mindset of unbridled philanthropy resonate with you, please join us and/or support us. Your investment of time and/or money is well spent. The women of Moultonborough Women’s Club are a positive force for the better in the Lakes Region and beyond.