MWC Hiking Group ~ Lockes Hill Trail

Feb 23, 2024
What if I never forget you.  What if, all my life, when I meet someone new, I can never fall for them because they aren’t you?

MWC Hiking Group “took to the hills” and hiked the 2.5 mile loop trail to the peak of Lockes Hill Trail in Gilford, NH. The weather seemed to be a mild 32 degrees; mainly because, while cloudy, the sun was out for almost the entire hike. Looking to the east, the view of Meredith Bay and Lake Winnipesaukee from the top was well worth the effort. Coming down was a little more challenging with muddy and icy spots, but certainly navigable with care. Microspikes and poles were key to staying upright! If you would like to be included on the next smiling-infused photo, join us. The MWC Hiking Group members go hiking twice a month on alternating Wednesdays. Take a look at our calendar.