MWC Hiking Group ~ Beede Falls

Dec 28, 2023

The MWC Hiking Group took a hike to Beede Falls and Lower Falls in Sandwich earlier in the month of December. Fortunately, there was mostly only scattered patches of snow on the ground, so trekking down to the falls was done with relative ease. The upper waterfall was cascading down the chute into the small pond below. It’s a nice, clearly marked hike close to downtown Center Sandwich and off of Sandwich Notch Road. The hiking group did the hike before the narrow, dirt Notch Road closes for the winter. If you haven’t joined the group for a hike in 2023, definitely get out with them in 2024. They have such a great time.

A sign leading to a pit of pleasure by the looks of the sign.  Seen near Covent Garden, London.