MWC Adopt-A-Spot Beautification

Jun 05, 2024
a woman standing in front of a white wall
Today is World Environment Day, which is a perfect day to show you what the MWC has recently been up to. Through their program called “Adopt-A-Spot”, the MWC spruces up and maintains over the summer months several public spaces in Moultonborough. Shown here are Barbar Koehler, Joanne Wilhem and Tracy Webster-Babcock; the second shift of gardening mavens at the town hall gardens. The previous day Barbara Brash, Mary Domingues, Deb Wiacek, and Nancy Zeloski spent time prepping the gardens. They cleaned up the beds and then planted some annuals to beautify and brighten up space so that can be enjoyed by everyone driving/walking by the Moultonborough Library and town offices. Members take great pride in enhancing the lives of those in our community. Kudos to all the MWC members that turned out to make this happen!