Libby Reichlen   Joanne Wilhelm


Jayne Savage


Leslie Ann Angelo


Susan Reepmeyer 


Kathy Garry


2024 Amy Corston   2026 Pam King   2026 Julie Osgood

MWC Activities Committee

The MWC’s Activities Committee organizes social events and outreach

Nancy Hill
MWC Activities Committee Chair 

MWC Communications Committee

The MWC’s Communications Committee oversees webside, media and publicity 

Amy Corston   Deb Kumpf
MWC Communications Committee Co-Chairs 

MWC Handbook Committee

Leslie Ann Angelo
MWC Handbook Committee Chair 

MWC Historian

Libby Reichlen 
MWC Historian

MWC Hospitality Committee

The MWC’s Hospitality Committee coordinates with the monthly hostesses the desserts and coffee for the monthly meetings and provides a welcoming atmosphere for members, guests and speakers 

Tracy Webster-Babcock
MWC Hospitality Committee Chair 

MWC June Luncheon

Margaret Cooper
MWC June Luncheon Committee Chair

MWC Making Strides Cancer Walk

Deb Kumpf   Nancy McDonough
MWC Making Strides Committee Chairs

MWC Membership

Suzanne Knapik   Sheila McCleery
MWC Membership Committee Chairs

MWC Parliamentarian

Dorothy Simpson
MWC Parliamentarian

MWC Rememberance

Janet Schurko
MWC Rememberance Committee Chair

MWC Scholarship Committee

The MWC’s Scholarship Committee oversees yearly scholarship selections and bake sales

Debora DeBerardinis   Susan Smith (selection)   Sue LaFlamme (bake sales)
MWC Scholarship Committee Co-Chairs 

MWC Ways and Means

Sharon Paton
MWC Ways and Means Committee Chair