June Jamboree ~ Event Photos and More

MWC member Tina Middlebrook and her team transformed the Karen & Bob Ciardi’s Cider and Car Barns into a true June Jamboree. They planned and implemented the room layout and decor. She brought in her “muscle" aka member husbands including her own, to do the heavy lifting of chairs and tables. Thank you Sheila McCleery for letting us borrow everything from the church! Tina’s creative idea of fresh flowers in toy trucks was such a beautiful touch. Thank you to all the ladies that blew up the balloons, loaned the toy cars, made the centerpieces, set up the tents, made the banners (Michelle Lemelin) and made the signs (Suzanne Kripnak). There were just too many wonderful people that helped out to mention them all by name, but you know who you are and we thank you!

The Auction Committee with Co-Chairs Sharon Paton and Lorraine Taylor made sure all the auction items were in place before guests arrived. Member Jessica Gray helped us find some willing Moultonborough Academy students {including her 3 kids- Kevin, Julia & Lacey along with Olivia, Madison, Payton, Lauren, and Emmitt) to arrive ahead of guests to then pass appetizers during the event. Thank you for volunteering! They are wearing the t-shirts made by member Joelle Casey. Erin of Twin Barns Brewing  Company did a great job making sure that the guests would not go thirsty during the event. She even brought along their specialty brew for the MWC event called “No Man’s Land” white beer, created by the Women Who Brew at Twin Barns. In the other corner of the courtyard, the rotating shift of bbq kings of the night, husbands by day, manned the grills cooking up the burgers and hot dogs.

Guests arriving at the event were met by the June Jamboree festooned vintage red truck just outside the Cider Barn. The overcast sky and rain of the early afternoon soon passed just in time for the party to began. Our hospitality crew, led by Pamela King, welcomed and signed in guests as they entered the barn. Member Kerry Soroka held down the kitchen with her culinary team, coordinating to make sure all the sponsors’ food arrived, was plated and served. Great job!

The Car Barn was definitely a point of intense interest with many of the guests. They found themselves reminiscing about cars they or a family member owned in the past. The car enthusiasts especially enjoyed talking to others in the barn including the barn’s Car Caretaker and “Jack-of-All-Trades” Jack, asking questions to owner Bob Ciardi and sharing their own fond stories related to cars they've driven. There was food, auction items and plenty of seating in the space to sit down and visit for awhile.

A definite highlight of the evening was watching auctioneer Bob Ciardi get people to raise their hands to raise their bids for a good cause. He brought humor and entertainment to the event, par to none. The Ciardi family donation of Patriots Luxury Suite Tickets was highly sought after and raised a lot of money for the club. Overall, it was an incredible evening of music, food, drinks, cars and philanthropy. A gracious thank you of recognition was given to event Co-Chairs Karen Ciardi and Janice Bogasky for their hard work over the last 6 months to bring this to reality. With the support of everyone who attended, volunteered, sponsored, donated and bid…we are proud to announce that we raised over $52,000 at the fundraiser!!! Truly remarkable and fun fundraiser. Thank you to the Ciardi family for letting us take over your beautiful venue for this special event.